Technical Details

132kV Transmission Tower

  • Aluminum grade 6082 T6
  • Less than 1000kg up to 24 meters height, H-configuration
  • Can be extended up to 30 meters with a weight of less than 1200 kg, H-configuration
  • High corrosion resistance


The tower can be reinforced to with additional legs to accommodate anchor points and bends.

The reinforcement is built with standard sections, to keep unique parts to a minimum.


  • Anti-slip climbing rungs
  • 6 meter sections with a weight of 108 kg
  • Bolted splice connectors
  • Use your preferred supplier of the transverse part; we will make sure the interface is fit-for-purpose.

Fundament options

By using a metallic material, we open up for strong local connections with brackets that facilitate fixing with threaded rods.

At the same time, aluminium has the corrosive properties necessary for a buried foundation, if so desired.

Bolted Starter


Delivery Assurance

  • One pallet, one tower.
  • The bill of material is standardized to a few key parts, securing an efficient and transparent supply chain.
  • With an end-to-end Norwegian supply chain, we maintain a low carbon footprint and facilitate your delivery assurance procedures.