Aluminium transmission towers for 132kV power lines

Low Weight

Our optimized truss-based structure in aluminium is the lightest transmission tower in its class

Friendly to Workers and Environment

Recyclable and non-hazardous material gives half the CO2 emission compared to steel

Digital Twin

An advanced simulation model makes sure every tower is cost-effective and fit-for-purpose

A tower that is friends with workers and nature

  • Fully assembled in an H-configuration, Hyndla's aluminium tower weighs less than 1000 kg up to 24 meters height.
  • The tower can be fixed to the ground either with threaded rods, allowing easy mounting to rock or concrete, or buried in the ground.
  • Aluminium is the world's most recyclable material. Thus, Hyndla's tower has a very low life-cycle carbon footprint.
  • Hyndla's aluminium tower is completely non-hazardous to workers and the environment.
  • Our digital simulation model of the tower provides flexibility to the project engineer, allowing tailored configurations for direction changes and anchors.

Digital Twin

The key to Hyndla's light weight and high strength is the advanced calculation method that has guided the design.

With the robust, non-linear Impetus Afea Solver, we can build geometries that break the boundaries set by traditional analysis methods, creating larger geometries that make better use of the material.

Conveniently, the analysis model can just as easily be used for project engineering, where we can prove that each tower configuration meets the requirements for that specific load scenario.